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3 often forgotten rules of reporting dashboard design

A dashboard used to mean an array of physical instruments, arranged in front of an operator of some form of machine. The requirement for dashboards has evolved over time and they are now commonly used digitally by companies as a… Continue Reading →

Creating data rows from a summary table – Reverse Pivot

I needed to transform a table with data somewhat summarised (see below), back into a database, or data rows.   Thanks to the internet, I uncovered this little trick. Press ALT + D + P to bring up the PivotChart… Continue Reading →

Select multiple items from a list in Excel

For the rare occasion when you need to select multiple items from a list in Excel, the below VBA code will do the trick, complete with a nice selector panel. See the screen capture below for it in action. This… Continue Reading →

Text Analysis using Excel

Word Counts Word Clouds Sentence Counts Sentiment Analysis Topic Modelling Combining it all together Below is a summary of my explorations using excel for text analysis. The example used in this article focuses on customer feedback for a hypothetical bank’s… Continue Reading →

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