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A Book Summary – Tuesdays with Morrie

A young man reconnects with his old university mentor after more than 15 years. Unfortunately, his mentor, Morrie, is slowly dying of a fatal, degenerative disease. Rather than lapsing into self pity however, Morrie chooses to spend what time he… Continue Reading →

Creating data rows from a summary table – Reverse Pivot

I needed to transform a table with data somewhat summarised (see below), back into a database, or data rows.   Thanks to the internet, I uncovered this little trick. Press ALT + D + P to bring up the PivotChart… Continue Reading →

Rent vs Buy Calculator

A simple calculator to determine if you are financially better off to rent or buy a property. Feedback welcomed in the comments below. Notes: this calculator has been tailored to the Australian market (eg. rent is expressed in weeks) there… Continue Reading →

Select multiple items from a list in Excel

For the rare occasion when you need to select multiple items from a list in Excel, the below VBA code will do the trick, complete with a nice selector panel. See the screen capture below for it in action. This… Continue Reading →

Text Analysis using Excel

Word Counts Word Clouds Sentence Counts Sentiment Analysis Topic Modelling Combining it all together Below is a summary of my explorations using excel for text analysis. The example used in this article focuses on customer feedback for a hypothetical bank’s… Continue Reading →

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